An overview of how we interpreted Concern’s ‘Design Brief’ and how we came to the final design that won us the contract…

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The Concern Selection Committee…

The Concern Selection Committee consists of a number of Concern staff, members of the Finucane family, a representative of the anonymous Donor and officials from Limerick County Council.

Over the next few weeks we will explain what every element of the bench means and how it addresses each of the ‘buzz words’ in the Design Brief. So do come back…


After Concern had put out the call for submissions from interested parties in early 2018,  I contacted my good friend Knut Klimmek to see if he would come on board with me and make a submission.

Like myself, Knut jumped at the opportunity. Here was an opportunity in a lifetime – an organisation like Concern only marks it’s 50th anniversary once and we were not going to let this opportunity slip by. So Knut and I met on a few occasions in his premises and in mine to first get to grips with the Design Brief Concern had issued to all interested parties.

The Design Brief contained ‘buzz words’ like: Giant/Compassionate/Cando/Limerick/OurHistory/Famine/Hunger/Conflict/Africa/Respect/Dignity/Ambitious/Pragmatic/Family, Faith and Concern.

How were we going to put shapes on such emotive words and what they stand for? Fortunately for me , Knut is a fabulous artist and between us – his artistic skills and my development education (DE) mentality, we were able to graphically convert the concept of the Design Brief into actual understandable shapes. Then Knut – using his technology skills converted all our thoughts and scribbles into a 3D graphic which we submitted to the Concern Selection Committee as our interpretation of Concern’s Design Brief.

Tom and Knut getting to grips with the Concern Design Brief.

The above is a video of our first design…but health & safety concerns sent us back to the drawing board…so then we came up with this FINAL design – we hope you like it!

Here it is – the final design…